To confirm your attendance to an event/s, please send Jasmin an sms on 0448 381 306 or email her on stating which event it is, your name, how many in your party are attending, etc. Alternatively, contact Hildegunn on 0483 801 216 or message her on the Map of Tassie group page! ;)


28 November, 2021 - 9.30am - Round Mountain, Mt Claude and Mt Van Dyke

This is a longer hike than up to Mt Roland. It takes in views of Mt Roland but it starts on the other end at Round Mountain, for a less brutal hike up to Mt Claude and a ridge hike over to Mt Van Dyke, where we’ll come back down at the intersection to Mt Roland and finish at Gowrie Park. This is a full day’s hike, and I recommend coming the night before to camp at Gowrie Park so we can start early on Sunday. The descent is longer than the climb, so you’ll need good shoes, trekking poles and plenty of snacks and water. The hike is approximately 17 km with 350m ascent and 400m descent. Afterwards we’ll have a drink at Sheffield and stock up on some comfort eating. We’ll park one car at Round Mountain lookout carpark and one at Gowrie Park.


4-5 December, 2021 - 9am - Parsons Track - Great Western Tiers

We’ll follow Parsons Track up onto the Great Western Tiers. On Saturday we’ll hike up to Haberle’s Hut, where we’ll leave our gear and do the final leg up onto the plateau and maybe further to Lake Mackenzie with just a light daypack.

We’ll stay at Haberle’s Hut and return back down to the carpark on Sunday. A one way trip from carpark to Lake Mackenzie is roughly 5 hours but is dependent on the weather, and each walker’s skill, as it can change quickly on the plateau and it will be winter time.

I’ll do some recon in the next weeks to have the whole trail sussed out, so this plan may be altered slightly. This hike comes with spectacular views from and of the Tiers. From Lake Mackenzie it isn’t far to Walls of Jerusalem NP. So if anyone wants a teaser, this is a good start. There are two steep sections up to Haberle’s Hut and then again up onto the plateau but generally the path is wide and gradual.


7-10 January, 2022 - 10.00am - Mt Field Weekend

We’re going back to Mt Field National Park. The plan is to drive up to Lake Dobson, park there and then hike up to the Rodway Range and out to Mt Field West, where we’ll camp. We’ll return to Rodway Range the next day and hike along the range which overlooks the Tarn Shelf and its lakes, before heading down to Twilight Tarn hut. This will be followed by a lot of relaxing in the sun (hopefully) and swimming.


4-6 February, 2022 - 10.00am - Walls of Jerusalem

Let’s take a hike into Walls of Jerusalem national park, with roughly three days to explore. Hike up the steepest part to Dog Creek camp ground. From there we can explore Lake Salome, Pool of Bestheda, Damascus Gate, Solomons Throne, The Temple and Mt Jerusalem. There is another camp ground at Dixons Kingdom. Bring a tent, mountain hiking gear and boots, food and water for three days, and every other necessary item for going into a wilderness area. We’ll hike gently and at the pace of the slowest member. If you’ve always wanted to explore Walls of Jerusalem, here’s your chance. 🙂 You’ll need a valid parks pass too. Due to restrictions, this hike is to be capped to 6 people. If we are more, then I will need to inform PWS.


13 February, 2022 - 10.00am - St Valentines Peak

Well we couldn’t do it on the 14th, so let’s celebrate Valentines Day on the 13th with a hike up the impressive pyramidal mountain that sticks out like a sore thumb behind Burnie. Let’s enjoy a romantic bush picnic at the top.