FAQs - Ask Map of Tassie

I’ve never walked or hiked in my life, can I still join your events?

Of course you can! :) Our events are designed to get anyone outdoors and active. If you haven’t been active or outdoors for a while, that’s perfectly okay. Map of Tassie’s goal is to reconnect women with nature, especially the beautiful nature abundant in Tasmania. If you have a condition that impairs your ability to move freely, then simply let us know, and we will accommodate you. The group always waits for and looks after anyone who needs extra attention or assistance. We do this so you can gain strength, confidence and fitness, and hopefully pass the same assistance onto the next person who comes along and needs it.


I don’t know if I can do all of an event.

If you don’t want to come to one part of an event (like the walking part) and you’d like to join the other part (like the eating and drinking part) then by all means, do that :) We’re happy to see Map of Tassie members and encourage everyone to come along, even if it’s only to half of the event.

If you do feel like joining a hike, then please know that we always walk at the speed of the slowest person, and we don’t care how slow you are. Our events are about being together and enjoying each other’s company, and not about ticking off a bucket list. There are other groups for that.


Is there someone in the group who knows what they’re doing? In case of emergency, etc.

We do have experienced hikers in the group, who have completed multiple-week hikes with full packs and complex navigation with GPS, map and compass in Australia and overseas. They are familiar with different kinds of walking terrains and climates, including snow and ice. The event/group leader has an up-to-date first aid certificate and carries a first aid kit on each hike. They have also undergone a snake handling course.

Other members in the group are available to mentor or coach those who don’t have much experience so they can build a good level of skill and confidence.

We do not carry any public liability insurance and therefore each participant at an event is responsible for their own self.

There is always an element of risk involved in the great outdoors, and while the group leader plans every event as thoroughly as they can, there could be unforeseen circumstances that occur. The group leader will always attempt to handle these as best as they can, with the safety of the group first and foremost in mind.

Please make sure you have informed the group leader about any medical and mental health condition, physical disability or lack of experience or know how that you have, before joining an event so that you can be accommodated. Ultimately, please decide for yourself whether an event is at an appropriate level for you, meaning that you can do it, and/or can do it together with the support of the group (need a little motivation).

People often don’t realise what they are capable of doing and achieving. Fear, self-messages and previous experiences can narrow our understanding of actual ability and potential. With the support and power of a group behind you, you can test out any mental limitations. Physical limitations are a different story though, and an event can be adjusted to compensate for your level of fitness and health.

However, being outdoors does mean that you need a certain level of basic fitness. If you are unsure, ask a group leader. They can help you prepare for an event in advance.


What’s your Covid policy?

Our Covid protocol is:

  • Please don’t join any activities if you have a cold, flu-like or respiratory symptoms, or are quarantining
  • Recommended car pooling limit of one passenger plus the driver per car, unless of the same household. We can’t take responsibility for any health outcomes when organising car pooling privately. Please wear a mask if you are uncertain and will share a vehicle with people outside of your household.
  • Participants not of the same household to maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres. We can’t take responsibility for any health outcomes when people hug other people.
  • Please practice good hygiene, bring and use your own soap, hand wipes, etc.
  • Recommended to not share food, unless it is individually wrapped or you have your own utensil and plate.

Please always inform yourself of the current Covid restrictions in Tasmania by reading Gathering Limits.


How do I become a member of Map of Tassie?

We don’t have a membership system as such, nor do we charge any money to be a member.

Anyone can invite a friend to the Facebook group. You can also add yourself to the group and one of the admins will approve you. There is a question to answer and is basically there so you know exactly what we’re all about. In essence, Map of Tassie is not a place to pick up women or to advertise products or services.

If you don’t use social media then send Jasmin an email at mapoftassie@protonmail.com to be kept informed about events, etc., or simply visit this web site. If you turn up to an event, you’re a member! :D


What is this question members are asked when joining the Facebook group?

“I acknowledge that: this group is for women whose sexual and/or gender identity falls under the LGBTIQ+ umbrella. I’m here to enjoy the great outdoors with some pretty awesome women. I’ve read the About section and would like to be let in!”


I’m not a lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual or (other), can I still join?

We don’t mind if you are green, from Venus and have horns - if you’re a woman, you can join our group. :) As long as you respect the fact that not everyone will share the same hetro outlook on life, then no problem. This group is for anyone who identifies as a woman. For example, you were born in a male body and identify as a woman. Hetrosexual women are welcome to join our group and don’t have to worry about any untoward attention. Our group is not a free for all. It’s a social and hiking group. Respect is the underlying central theme.


What if I have a complaint?

We’re very keen to maintain a harmonious vibe in our group where everyone feels welcome. If you somehow feel as though you are not welcome, then speak to the group/event leader straight away. If you have a problem with the group leader, then that may require a different approach. :D

If there’s some other issue that you want to discuss, then just email us on mapoftassie@protonmail.com or speak to a group leader in person.


I don’t have a car or transport.

Just in case you didn’t know, we offer car sharing and pick up for those who don’t want to drive to an event or don’t have a car. Please let us know in advance so we can organise transport and car pooling.


I don’t have camping, biking, kayaking, (insert activity) equipment, etc.

There is no doubt someone somewhere who has something you may need for a particular event. We definitely encourage the concept of reuse, recycle, borrow, barter or swap. Don’t go to the expense of buying new gear, if someone has something you can loan or use - especially if it’s for a one off event. Importantly, when you do borrow something, please make sure you give it back in the same good working condition you received it (clean or wash it, etc.).

Currently, Jasmin has a 2 person tunnel tent and a 1 person tent available to anyone who needs one for an event.


I don’t have any money to do any of your events.

Many of our events don’t require you to spend money, and yes, we keep in mind that not everyone has the budget to do everything. See the question above for any issues with equipment. We also know where you can get cheap gear on Gumtree, or in secondhand shops. Ask us for advice before buying.


Can dogs come to events?

If the event takes place in a reserve or location where dogs are allowed, then yes. Please make sure to have your four legged friend on a lead.


I don’t use Facebook, how can I let you know if I want to come to an event?

Just shoot us an email at mapoftassie@protonmail.com or send an sms to Jasmin on 0448 381 306.


I use Facebook, how can I let you know if I want to come to an event?

As soon as an event is created, everyone who is a member of Map of Tassie is automatically invited. This saves us a lot of time in having to do this later. If you don’t want to come to an event, simply ignore the invitation. If you would like to come, click Going. If you don’t know, we would rather you don’t select Maybe, as Maybe really doesn’t help us with planning and organising. So in this case, just don’t answer the invitation until you know for sure. It’s always good policy to be clear about whether you can come or not, so that event leaders know exactly how many people to wait for on the day. We understand that everyone is busy and may forget what they’ve signed up for. Event leaders are also busy and volunteer their free time to meet up with others and take them on an adventure, so it’s nice if you turn up or send them a message if something suddenly has come up and you can’t join them.

UPDATE: If you click you are Going to an event and don’t turn up, please let those who are waiting for you know that you won’t be coming. Either send Jasmin an sms on 0448 381 306 or post on the event page your status. Jasmin doesn’t have FB or any apps on her phone, so she can only know if you are coming or not, if you send her a text or ring her.

In future, we will only wait 15 minutes after the scheduled meeting time for those who have said they are Going. If you are running late, or have changed your mind, please send me a message, so everyone who is waiting for you can already start the event.


I don’t use Facebook, how can I let you know if I want to come to an event?

Send Jasmin an email to mapoftassie@protonmail.com or an sms/text/smile to her mobile 0448 381 306 to confirm you’re attending.


Why should I join Map of Tassie?

Good question… the reason will differ from person to person. Some people are keen to get outdoors, others are more interested in the social health aspect. Map of Tassie is the right place for you if you want to feel supported, welcomed and confident in yourself and your outdoor ability. It’s also a good place to be if you like women ;)


What can’t I do in Map of Tassie?

We don’t tolerate bullying, belittling, discrimination or hate in any shape or form. Petty politics, talking behind people’s backs and backstabbing are not welcome.

We encourage openness, critical thinking, independence and a very supportive and engaging community. In principle anyone can talk about any topic under the sun without fear of censorship or ridicule. Having said that, very strong opinions and debates should be left at home or exercised with extreme caution. Keep in mind that although we may appear similar, no two people think exactly the same way, believe in the same kind of truth, or have the exact same life experience. There are so many variations and nuances among human beings and inn life. Please show respect for this.

We reserve the right to ask anyone displaying aggressive, abusive or intoxicated behaviour to leave an event. If you can’t control yourself, accept others for who they are, or work within a team environment, then maybe Map of Tassie is not for you.


Do I have to be Tasmanian to join?

No, but it does help if you’re in Tasmania or planning on moving soon. :) There’s nothing stopping you from joining if you don’t live in Tassie, but there won’t be many activities you can join until you’re here.


I live in the south, you know, Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.

We won’t hold that against you :) While our group is based in northern Tasmania (you know, the best part of the State), we do try to include all parts of Tasmania in our events. Not everything is Launceston centric, as not all group leaders live there. We make an effort to include those living down south, in the northwest, midlands and on the east coast.


I want to suggest a tour.

That’s great, let us know of a place which would be ideal for a MOT event. :)


Don’t see a question that you’d like answered? Send us an email at mapoftassie@protonmail.com and we’ll post it here. :)